Here’s Why Your Marketing Funnel Is Broken

Marketing Funnel Design

Ever wondered why your ads and landing pages aren’t converting? If your marketing funnel is broken, you need to read this article. During my first two or three years trying to grow my online business, I used to spend days creating a new lead magnet, landing page, new ad campaign. Before the ads went live, I would go through a … Read More

Is Your Marketing Agency Wasting Your Marketing Budget?

Is your current marketing agency burning through your hard earned marketing budget without delivering you results? You were most likely promised the moon and told that you need all kinds of campaigns to generate more likes on your Facebook page, more social signals on your website, and a bunch of other stuff that makes you look like a more established … Read More

Diagnosing the problem when your ad campaign isn’t working

Trying to figure out why your ad campaign is failing can be extremely frustrating. If you’re dealing with an inexperienced marketing consultant or agency, the frustration can be multiplied, especially when THEY can’t figure out why you’re getting no leads! In this video you’ll discover three little-known secrets that many advertisers don’t even know exist. These concepts are the determining … Read More

Here’s why “cookie cutter” advertising campaigns are failing you

Recently there has been a surge in over simplistic marketing campaigns by beginner level advertisers. These campaigns often don’t work, especially when your target audience needs a lot more educating on their problem and on why your solution is their best option. In this video I’ll explain: – What makes Facebook such a powerful advertising platform – The cause of … Read More

Will Facebook ads work for YOUR business?

If you’re not sure whether Facebook advertising will work for your business, watch this. This video reveals: – How Facebook enables you to target the people most likely to buy from you – Facebook’s biggest advantage over Google ads – Why Facebook ads may have not worked for you in the past – The pointless ways other agencies are burning … Read More

Is Clinic Marketing Automation Missing From Your Marketing Strategy?

“Clinic Marketing Automation”… What the heck does that mean? As a healthcare business owner, you’re probably doing a range of different things to bring new visitors to your website, in the hope that some of them will come in to your clinic for an initial session and you’ll be able to sign them up as new paying patients. Some of the things … Read More

Clinic Sales Tips – Sign Up Patients Without Being Salesy

Do you ever face that conflict of interest in your mind when trying to selling your services to new patients? On the one hand, you know it is good for them. On the other hand, you feel uncomfortable talking to them like a cheesy used car salesman… But selling your services doesn’t have to feel like that! In this article, I’ll reveal … Read More

How Clinic Marketing Automation Boosts Profit & Saves Time

marketing automation for gyms

What exactly is clinic marketing automation? How can it help you save time running your gym and bring in new members at very low cost? When you break down that 3 word term, it is literally the process of automating the marketing of your clinic. This saves you time and grows your gym on autopilot. OK, there are some other steps … Read More