Email Marketing & Marketing Automation

How To Send The Right Message To The Right Person At The Right Time To Drive Prospects Closer Towards Converting Into Clients... On Autopilot!

Email Marketing & Marketing Automation

How To Send The Right Message To The Right Person At The Right Time To Drive Prospects Closer Towards Converting Into Clients… On Autopilot!

News Flash: The "Monthly Email Newsletter" Is A Waste Of Your Time...

Sending out email broadcasts once a month can still yield results (if done properly), but you can generate more clients AND save time by automating your communication with your prospects...

All Hail The Power Of Advanced Marketing Automation! 

Except it can be extremely complicated, time consuming and frustrating to set up AND to take full advantage of...

Here at ClientTribe, we're certified in advanced marketing automation services by some of the world's leading marketing automation solution providers. 

What Is Marketing Automation Anyway? 

According to Hubspot, "Marketing automation refers to the software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions. Many marketing departments have to automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions. The technology of marketing automation makes these tasks easier."

Here's a quick video I made showing you how to automate, standardize and track all of your communication with prospects and clients:

How Can Marketing Automation Be Used For A Brick & Mortar Business?

Let's say you have a landing page offering a free eBook on how to avoid getting over-taxed while saving for retirement. 

When a person enters their name and email address to download that free eBook, they become a contact in your marketing automation database.

But it would be a huge waste of time to not follow up with them. The ultimate goal is to convert this prospect into a paying client.

There are various stages in the prospect journey that this person must go through before they write you a cheque...

  1. Download eBook
  2. Consume eBook (and get value from it)
  3. Apply for a consultation
  4. Schedule a consultation
  5. Show up for their consultation
  6. Sign up as a client

How To Automate Communication To Convert More Prospects Into Clients

Through automating your marketing, we can create a sequence of emails that provide more highly valuable, highly relevant information to this new prospect over time. 

We want to create several sequences for each state of your prospect's journey.

For example:

Stage 1: Prospect downloads eBook

The next thing we want your prospect to do is apply for a consultation with you.

We can create a sequence of emails providing more value, while also inviting the prospect to apply for a consultation by clicking a link to a web page with an online applicaiton form.

Stage 2: Prospect Applies For Consultation

The next thing we want your prospect to do is book a time for their consultation with you (assuming they meet your criteria).

Once a prospect completes the online application form for a consult, they are removed from the "Downloaded eBook" email sequence and they are added to the "Applied For Consultation" email sequence. 

The goal of this new sequence is to set their expectations about the consultation while also inviting them to schedule their appointment with you. We can give them a phone number to call, or we can give them a link to an online scheduling page so they can book a time in your calendar without your team needing to talk with them. 

Stage 3: Prospect's Consultation Is Scheduled

Now we need to ensure that your prospect attends her appointment. 

So our marketing automation system sends email and text reminders about the date, time and location of the appointment. And it wouldn't hurt to give them some more valuable information to build "good will" before they come and see you. Giving them more useful information could also make it easier to close the deal when they come and see you. 

Stage 4: Consultation Completed

Now we need to ensure that you follow up with this prospect to convert her into a client. Our marketing automation system can send you tasks and reminders to follow up with her. 

Our system can also ask for this prospect's feedback. If the feedback is positive, you can approve it and it will automatically be published on multiple review sites, helping to build your brand reputation on autopilot. 

If the prospect's feedback is negative, you can reject it and the feedback will never be published anywhere publicly online.

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