Social Media Marketing

Engage with your market to build awareness and move them towards your sales and marketing funnel

Social Media Marketing

Engage with your market to build awareness and move them towards your sales and marketing funnel

First, Know The Difference Between "Organic" Social Media Marketing Vs. Paid Advertising On Social Media...

Organic Social Media Marketing (the subject of this page) is the activity of posting shareable content on your social media channels to drive engagement, reach a wider audience and build general awareness of your brand.

The main objective of paid advertising on social media is to generate leads and sales. Please see our Traffic & Lead Generation section for more info on that topic. 

Why Bother To Post On Social Media At All?

At the very least, you should be posting regularly on social media because your social media channels are one of the first places people look when they're trying to learn more about your business. 

When they see your ads, or a piece of content, many of them will visit your social media profiles to decide if they can trust you. 

And who do you think they'll know, like and trust more... A business that hasn't posted anything for the last six months, or a business who is posting every day or two consistently? 

Furthermore, the content that you've posted on social media will discoverable to new people who start scrolling through your Facebook page's newsfeed, your Twitter feed and your YouTube channel videos.

When your social followers engage with this content by commenting, liking and sharing your posts, their friends will see your posts and you'll get more engagement and followers.

Social media profiles are not only a way to drive people towards your marketing funnel. They're also a powerful way to reengage previous prospects and clients and keep your business at the top of their minds, so that when they're ready to move forward with the service you offer, they'll come to you instead of your competitors.

How To Grow An Army Of Raving Fans On Social Media

Rule 1: Post regularly

Rule 2: Post content that's highly relevant to your market

Rule 3: Post content that's valuable, shareable and appreciated by your market

Rule 4: Write posts in an entertaining, attention-grabbing way

Rule 5: Make it about your prospect, not about yourself. 

"But Luke, I Don't Have Time To Post Every Day On All Social Media Channels - I'm Trying To Run My Business!"

That's a very good point! Thanks for bringing it up 😀

That's why social media marketing is one of the core services that we include to get you results from your advertising. 

Forget about the stress of having to find, create and share great content across all of your social media channels every single day.

Leave that to us, so that you can focus on helping your clients.

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