About Luke Ward & ClientTribe

About Luke Ward & ClientTribe

Luke Ward has been consulting B2C and multinational B2B companies across dozens of industries since 2005.

After witnessing first hand the struggles that companies of all sizes face, he became obsessed with finding a better way to fuel predictable business growth for his clients.

Luke started his own consulting business in 2013 to help his clients:

  • Get a predictable flow of qualified leads
  • Streamline their sales processes
  • Know their exact ROI and conversion rates down to the dollar and day

Since then the team at ClientTribe has grown substantially. Our team of marketing and advertising specialists is spread across multiple countries including the US, Canada, Japan, the Philippines and Pakistan.

ClientTribe's marketing specialists implement the following battle tested strategies to help our clients achieve predictable business growth:

  • Online sales and marketing funnels
  • Marketing automation utilizing SMS and email marketing
  • Digital advertising (including Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google Adwords and YouTube advertising)
  • Remarketing and retargeting campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google Display Network and YouTube
  • Sales process optimization through extensive ongoing training for our clients

Our team has developed proprietary systems that not only generate a steady flow of qualified leads, but also convert those leads into scheduled and attended appointments on autopilot, so that your team can focus on closing more deals.

If you're tired of relying on shared leads, unqualified leads and outdated, inefficient marketing that delivers a disappointing ROI, click the button below to book an introductory call with us today.

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"We're getting an 800% ROI!"

"10 new clients in one week!"

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