Authority Building Content Creation

Position yourself as the leading influencer in your market and close deals more easily!

Authority Building Content Creation

Position yourself as the leading influencer in your market and close deals more easily!

Here's Why Content Is King:

Content is King because it enables you to build authority and credibility on autopilot. 

When people in your market start seeing your ads, they start researching you. And that's when they discover your content (or lack of it, if you don't have any)...

The problem is, creating content normally requires a huge time investment. But not when you partner with us...

Here's How We Create Content In Your Own Voice That Saves You Time & Stress

When you partner with ClientTribe, creating authority building content is one of the first things we do before running traffic and advertising campaigns.

Together we'll decide which segments of your market you want to attract and we'll formulate a strategy to attract those segments. 

From there, we'll interview you on those key topics that are relevant to your most important market segments.

The interview is recorded and transcribed. Then our copywriting team gets to work to convert your interview into highly valuable information resources for your market. 

Here are some of the types of content we'll create: 

  1. PDF Reports
  2. eBooks
  3. Blog articles
  4. Cheat sheets
  5. Video scripts for you to record
  6. A Mini-webinar script

Once approved by you, our graphics team will convert any PDF documents into visually pleasing content that is aligned with your brand aesthetics. 

How To Attract Qualified Prospects Using Your Content

This quick video explains how to position yourself as an authority through content marketing:

Once the content is created, we create marketing funnels offering this content in exchange for people's contact details.

This will enable you to build a highly engaged list of qualified prospects, who are eager to learn more from you. OVer time, you'll be able to make offers to this list that will convert more of them into clients as they become ready to move forward. 

Our goal is to position you as the leading authority in your market by giving away valuable information that demonstrates your expertise and is easily consumable.

Here's why this education based lead generation approach is more effective than offering a consultation to people who've never heard of you before.

  1. Instead of saying "buy my stuff" to complete strangers, you're providing highly valuable, relevant information that helps them solve a problem.
  2. Their first impressions of you are vastly improved over your competitors, who are likely telling your market to buy their stuff without providing any value in advance. 
  3. When people start researching you, they'll discover all of this highly valuable content you've created. They'll naturally see you as much more knowledgable than your competition, and they'll assume that you're able to solve their problems better than anyone else. 

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