Elite Health Hawaii Case Study

How This Medical Practice Got 8 New Cash Paying Patients In The 1st Month Of Our Ad Campaign

Elite Health Hawaii Case Study

How This Medical Practice Got 8 New Cash Paying Patients In The 1st Month Of Our Ad Campaign


Elite Health Hawaii is a cash based medical practice in Honolulu specializing in cosmetic surgery and anti-aging medicine.

They had hired multiple marketing agencies in the past with very poor results - a slow flow of unqualified leads that they couldn't convert into paying patients.


1. Deliver a consistent flow of prospects requesting a consultation with the Medical Director

2. Qualify prospects to determine their suitability for the services offered by the medical practice

3. Implement marketing automation to drive more appointments and reduce no-shows

How The Objectives Were Achieved

  • Decided which service to focus on generating leads for and advised the client on the best marketing funnel to generate consultations
  • Created a prospect qualifying questionnaire that all prospects must answer after applying for a consultation. This helped the client's staff to identify the most motivated people who are ready to make a buying decision soonest, and provided additional informaiton about each prospect's situation as talking points during the appointment setting calls. 
  • Trained the client's staff on the lead handling process and provided multiple tracking tools to maximize conversion of applications into appointments and attended consultations.

Key Results

1. Within the first month weeks of launching the advertising campaign, the client had 89 people requesting a consultation at a cost per lead of $4.42 each

2. Within the three weeks, the client had 5 new cash-paying patients had signed up for the service, generating an ROI of more than 350% based on the one-year value of a patient for this service. If we estimate the Lifetime Value of a patient to be 3 years, the client is getting a 1,050% ROI.

3. The client asked us to launch an additional advertising campaign for a new service. They are getting new leads every single day at less than $7 per lead for this new service.

4. We are now integrating our lead generaiton systems with a new CRM designed to automate, track and standardize all communication with every prospect to save time and know the exact ROI of every campaign for the client

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