Lead Generating Website Creation

Transform your website from an online brochure into a lead generating machine!

Lead Generating Website Creation

Transform your website from an online brochure into a lead generating machine!

Never Make This Mistake!

One of the most common mistakes that business owners make is how they think about their website...

If you see your website as merely an "online brochure" for people to learn about what you do and who you are, you're probably leaving a ton of money on the table...

The ONLY Purpose Of Your Website Should Be This:

The savviest business owners know that the sole purpose of your website is to generate leads...

To convert website visitors into qualified prospects.

And to do that, your website must build enough trust, interest, credibility and desire that the only logical option for your website visitors is to give you their contact details in exchange for an offer that you are making on your website.

How To Convert The Most Visitors Into Prospects

Not all website visitors have the same problems.

Some need different services than others. So your website's information architecture should be structured in a way that makes it easy for any visitor to find the info that's most relevant to them.

Also, not all website visitors are at the same stage of the prospect journey. A small percentage of them may be ready for a consultation with you now. But many of them are only in the research phase.

So your website must have offers for people at various stages of the prospect journey.

Steps To Create A Lead Generating Website

Step 1: Website Analysis

If your current website is well structured, visually pleasing, but is missing out on opportunities to capture leads, we may recommend that we enhance your existing website. 

If your site looks outdated and lacks a logical site structure, page layout, site speed and the ability to capture leads, we will likely recommend that our team creates a new lead generating website for you before we start generating traffic to your site.

Step 2: Lead Generating Content Creation

Before we design a new website or optimize your current site, we design a strategy that will enable you to capture as many of the right leads as possible. This may include eBooks, PDF reports, videos, webinars and other content that appeals to the most important segments of your market. 

Step 3: Marketing Automation

Before we set up landing pages, funnels and forms to capture leads on your website, we must first set up the automated follow-up sequences of emails and text messages that nurture prospects and take them deeper into your marketing funnel. 

This is known as "marketing automation" and it helps you convert more prospects into clients by moving them further along in the prospect journey.

Step 4: Website Design / Website Optimization

If you need a new website, we'll design the new site from the ground up so that it matches your brand aesthetics.

If your current website is sufficiently designed and structured, we'll plug the leaks so that your website captures more leads using multiple offers.

This will include setting up multiple landing pages, funnels and webforms that capture leads on your blog and on your website's core pages. 

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