Here’s Why Your Marketing Funnel Is Broken

Marketing Funnel Design

Ever wondered why your ads and landing pages aren’t converting? If your marketing funnel is broken, you need to read this article.

During my first two or three years trying to grow my online business, I used to spend days creating a new lead magnet, landing page, new ad campaign.

Before the ads went live, I would go through a series of thought patterns like,

Excitement – “This is gonna KILL it!”

Anxiety – “What if this completely flops?”

And then alternate between those two states of mind, until the ad campaign finally went live.

Sometimes it would go well, but many times these new funnels would just flop.

And I had absolutely no idea why.

I would agonize over the landing page, asking myself questions like,

“Maybe if I wrote a better headline…”

“What if I change the button color to orange…”

“What if I just ask for the email address and not the first name or phone number…”

Then I would agonize over the lead magnet itself –

“Maybe a video would do better than a checklist. What about an infographic? What about an e-book?”

But no matter what I changed – be it the landing page, the delivery method of the lead magnet, or the ads, sometimes I could never fix it.

I would mope around for a few days feeling hopeless and lost, wondering how the hell I was going to grow my business.

Then one day a mentor taught me something that changed the way I do things forever.

Here’s Why Your Marketing Funnel Is Broken

He told me that it isn’t the ad copy, the landing page design or the format of your lead magnet that is the problem…

It is your OFFER.

He told me that the offer itself has to be absolutely amazing. And if it is amazing, the other things like ad copy, landing page design and delivery format won’t matter as much.

So my message to you is to always work on your OFFER above anything else, before you even think about the other stuff.

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