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How To Get A Predictable Flow Of Qualified Prospects That You Can Convert Into High Value Clients For More Profit, Revenue & Growth

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How To Get A Predictable Flow Of Qualified Prospects That You Can Convert Into High Value Clients To Generate More Profit, Revenue & Growth

Don't Run Traffic Until You Have These Foundations In Place...

If I had a penny for every time a business owner told me that they hired a marketing agency to generate leads, but none of the leads converted...

I'd have at least a few dollars in my pocket...

But the GOAL of lead generation is to put a consistent ROI and many thousands of dollars into your pockets, over and over again until your business scales from 6 to 7 to 8 figures and beyond!

And in order to do that, several things need to be in place first:

The Two Things You Need Before Running Advertising Campaigns

1. You must have authority positioning in your market. ClientTribe takes the hassle and the stress out of this by creating authority building content FOR you. 

2. You must have automated follow-up that builds familiarity with your prospects, while delivering more value to move them deeper into your marketing funnel. 

Sounds like a lot of work? That's why we do it for you! Leverage our six years of advanced marketing automation to deliver systems that move prospects towards the sale on autopilot!

Once those two pillars are in place, you're ready to get leads!

But not all leads are equal...

You want qualified leads. So what is a qualified lead?

It's a person who:

1. Can afford the services you offer

2. Has the right motivations to invest in your services

3. Understands the unique value that you offer over the competition

How To Get A Steady Flow Of Qualified Prospects Weekly

First, Know That Only 3% Of Your Market Is Ready To Buy From You Today

If you focus on attracting the 3% that's ready to buy now, you'll miss out on the remaining 97% that will be ready later.

You'll also exhaust that 3% pretty fast with your "buy my stuff now" message... 

That's why we focus on education based lead generation here at ClientTribe. Though educating your market, you provide value that positions you as the leading authority.

Combine this with our automated follow up and you'll get opportunities to deal with the remaining 97% of your market before your competition even knows they're active...

This video explains how the difference between one-step and two-step funnels. We use both to get you consultaitons with qualified prospects on a consistent basis. 

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